References & Acknowledgements


Any history is backward-looking, and draws upon previous sources.

We are indebted to those who go before us in producing local histories, and who have kindly given us permission to draw upon their works.

The Rev. Richard Fowler, and Miss Marjory Bowen, both kindly allow us to draw upon their well recorded works.

Mr. David Smythe has also consented to the use of the late Provost P.M. Smythe's knowledgeable history of Methven Castle.

Mr. Duncan Mackenzie and Mr. Tom Howcroft have authorized use of those illustrations within Rev. Richard Fowler's history.

All of this gives us a good start, and we hope that the instalments, as they are put onto the Web Site, will be of interest (and relatively free of errors).

The following to appear in any "Church booklet"

This booklet is intended to be a "taster", with a view to ascertaining whether or not there is an "appetite" for a more comprehensive written work. Such written work would be in addition to the history which is in the process of being serialized on the Web Site, which has already been opened by Mr Allan Ewan.