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Welcome to the parish of Methven and Logiealmond. As you will see from our Website we have an active and growing community in Methven, of which the church is an integral part.
Church services take place at 10:00am each Sunday, with frequent evening gatherings for fellowship and Bible study. We have Sunday evening thanks giving services after communion, and on special occasions throughout the Christian year.
Our parish is very much a family parish, every service is family orientated, and recently we have integrated our children’s worship into the main part of the service, so now the adults ‘learn’ as the children ‘learn’. Our Sunday School is still very young, but keen to participate in worship, their active classes are encouraged by our Sunday School teachers.
Our Kirk Session recently moved to a ‘Unitary Constitution’ and this more ‘committee’ like structure has enabled us to use the gifts and talents of individuals more readily.  I hope you will find us warm and welcoming and our worship meaningful and uplifting as we seek to serve God and extend his kingdom here on earth.


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